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Clinical trial data now exit the research facility and enter the practice landscape at unprecedented speed and volume, and the arrival of COVID-19 has not slowed this rapid flow of information. In fact, the pandemic has shifted the release of data to even more accessible digital formats. At this point, clinicians who manage cancer and who hope to stay current and apply new research to their daily practice cannot do so on their own; they benefit from an expert’s interpretation and distillation of data as they carry new information from conference to bedside. The need for distilled information presented in an applicable format has risen faster than ever.


The heterogeneity seen in various tissue tumor types reveals a need for ever-more individualized approaches that targets molecular subtype, genetic mutations, and immunological profile for each patient. Our accredited tweetorial feed, with each program authored by international experts, provides a forum for interaction, communication, and education for all healthcare providers with an interest in cancer.  

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Each program provides 0.5hr – 1.0hr credit for physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.

Cancer-Associated VTE

2) ... one of the world's leading authorities on cancer-associated VTE as new faculty both here and on @cardiomet_ce: Dr. Alok Khorana @aakonc of...

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Your only source for ACCREDITED SoMe-delivered serialized professional oncology education. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists–come one, come all!

On Twitter at @onc_ce, we present a series of tweetorials, Twitter-delivered case studies, and Twitter Journal Clubs, each accredited for 0.5hr – 1.0hr CE/CME.  Programs are presented by expert faculty in engaging and fully interactive format.  Our unique program harnesses the reach, up-to-the-minute currency, and accessibility of social media to deliver a constant flow of accredited, interactive, expert-delivered educational programs to a multidisciplinary and interprofessional audience of engaged clinicians.

Completed programs appear “unrolled” on this webpage, but to maximize the learning value of these innovative programs, please follow @onc_ce.

1) Welcome to an update on key #oncology mtg highlights for #lungcancer education via #accredited #tweetorials from @pulmmed_ce, your new (& only) home for the latest teaching from #experts on 🫁 care. #Physicians #nurses #pharmacists #PAs & #NPs earn 0.5h CE/#CME from this 🧵!

1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on a 🗝️ topic in #cancer care: #VTE (#DVT and #PE). Cancer patients are at ⬆️risk from their disease, their comorbidities, and often also from their treatment. It's a sticky wicket and @onc_CE is proud to welcome ...

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